, 2020 vision and the future

2020 vision and the future

There have been quite a few changes with the club this summer and now is the time to put everything in context.

Since Wey Hill FC’s inception in 2016 we knew we want to do more than just a bunch of guys playing football once a week.

The aim was set to create a CLUB and an organisation that offers much more to their players and those supporting it than just 90 minutes of football every Sunday.

During the first 3 seasons we learned a lot, we’ve been through ups and downs and now, looking at the new season and the years to come we have created even bigger ambitions and goals.


This tag line isn’t random and doesn’t refer to winning games only. We want Wey Hill FC to look more and more as a professional club and eventually become one. To win at that we have already taken a few step towards it:

  • we have a brand new website where you can find most of the details about the club: history, fixtures, squad and periodic news;
  • we have a rich social media presence on all our accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with almost daily updates between all of them;
  • we have partnered up with KitKing to create a club shop on their platform, offering training kit and club merchandise to both our players and fans;
  • we conduct weekly training sessions with proper equipment and thoroughly research drills and methods;
  • our manager is an FA Level 2 professionally qualified coach;
  • both our manager and our chairman are qualified First Aiders and we always have the first aid bags refilled and ready;
  • finances are all in order and we also offer multiple payment options to our players, fans and sponsors: bank account, Sumup contactless and cash;

Next steps:

  • become a FA Charter Standard club during the 2019-2020 season. This accreditation proves Wey Hill FC is a high standards, well developed and quality grassroots club.
  • fundraise and invest in video recording equipment. The aim spread the word about the club, make ourselves visible across the world, offer our sponsors bigger exposure and also add to the professionalism of the club


Wey Hill FC has a generous number of Romanians in their squad and management. This hasn’t gone unnoticed at local level and that’s why we looked into attracting the Romanian community of Surrey around our club.

We started with renewing partnership with Car & Tyres Clinic car garage of Ash Vale, company owned by Guildford based Mircea Pintiuta and Andrei Craciun.

Our 2nd main sponsors are Guildford Cars – Taxi and Minicabs, company owned by Costel and Cristian Urzică, father and son, and Scott H.

Our most recent partnership is A&S Market, a Romanian shop based in Woking owned by couple Anca & Ștefan Munteanu.

All these partnerships have secured us finances to afford new home and away kits and even more importantly is to work on bringing the Romanian community together with Wey Hill FC being the intermediary. We hope to continue on this road and next goal is to get people to come support and watch us playing.


The next point on the 2020 vision is giving back and investing in less opportunistic football players. That’s why Wey Hill has been involved in the Surrey to Africa programme, where people involved in the club have donated balls, kits and equipment that will ultimately get to boys and girls all around Africa that share the love for football with us.

Another action we took in the same direction was to affiliate with Viitorul Hălăucești, a fifth tier (last) football club in rural Romania. We have made an initial donation of bibs, balls, cones, shirts and rain jackets to their junior team. We hope this will help them develop into professional footballers and we’ll make sure we continue investing in them, as long as we can afford it.


Wey Hill FC has made a promise to itself and to those around the club to continously improve and offer more to everyone involved. We’ll work on multiple projects and we’re always open to new ideas too.

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