, It’s been an honour, Andrei!

It’s been an honour, Andrei!

Let’s take a leap back in time, 4 years ago exactly. It was the beginning of summer 2016, Wey Hill FC has just been founded and the recruitment process wasn’t even started.

On a hot Sunday morning, 5 boys met at Stoke Park for what we can safely say it was the first ever training session in our club’s history. The first 4 were part of the founding board: Bogdan Dogaru, Radu Lungu, Doru Marin and Alex Stanciu. They were excited as they were expecting this guy to turn up, coming with very good references and with an ex-professional resume. Andrei Lipovanu was the name.

He showed class from the beginning, making us all feel like little kids watching the grown-up playing. We realised then he is going to be our rock and our guidance in terms of football and that we need to sign him no matter what.

He accepted and once we had a squad and started playing friendlies he joined us on the pitch. In his first game he scored twice to bring us our first unofficial victory. He was the one! Following the same path, he netted the first competitive goal in our history and continued to deliver and to make defenders in the SHB League fear “the Wey Hill Romanian striker”.

, It’s been an honour, Andrei!

Years went by, he stuck with us, playing for our Sunday side then later on for the Saturday team. He kept scoring and he is now the most prolific goalscorer in our history. His record is 90 goals in 70 appearances under his belt.

If you’ve met him you know he is genuinely a very nice guy, even though he can be very hot tempered from time to time. Him a referees don’t get along at all, he is the linesmen’s nightmare and a terror to all defenders. He will be remembered for his runs on the left wing, his pure class goals but also for being a very sensitive fellow.

Lipo, the forever #10, has decided to make some changes in his life (including finally getting married) and he is moving away from Guildford and from Wey Hill FC. Although it’s sad for us, we need to move on and to be happy for him.

All in all, we love you Andrei and we thank you for the years you’ve been part of our club. We all wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. You’re a Wey Hill FC Legend!

, It’s been an honour, Andrei!

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