, January 2020 Update

January 2020 Update

New Year resolutions have been set already. Time to rise to the challenge now!

Season so far

The goal we set in August was to win silverware. It briefly looked like we might be able to do it, but after 3 wins, a reality check hit us hard and, due to missing some important players and a drop in morale, we managed to lose 4 league games in a row.

November and December meant only Cup games. It was a short edition of Surrey County Cup for us again, getting knocked out in Round 2. Intermediate League Cup gives us hope, having reached quarter finals and due to meet Bookham FC in one away leg. We’re also part of the Cyril West Trophy, a Champions League style one, with groups of 5, QF, SF and a Final. Currently sitting on 3rd place in our group and in need of 2 wins in our last 2 games to go to next round.

Next up

After a mediocre first part of the season, Wey Hill started this year with a win and a renewed ambition to climb back to the top of league’s table. There’s still silverware to be won in the cups and that gives us motivation to work our socks off in the next few months.

Next up in a long list of extremely hard games is part one of what we can easily call the Eastern European Surrey Derby, going against Woking Corinthians FC.

For those who don’t know, there is a bit of history between our clubs, even though we haven’t ever met on a pitch.

One Club

Our initial link to Woking Corinthinas was Alan Best, former captain for both sides while Wey Hill was only a Sunday League club. Corinthians features a squad with a majority of Eastern European players with Romanian, Polish or Hungarian backgrounds. This was another common point we followed when, back in 2018, we pursued a merger between Wey Hill and Corinthians.

Thorough discussions were held during the summer of 2018 with us wanting to break into Saturday League football and them looking to add value to their already established long-term running club.

Talks didn’t really fell apart, both clubs considering that wasn’t the time for a merger and pursuing their own routes. We did create a connection and remained friends since then, clearly somehow united by the passion for football and the shared experiences.


Fast-forward to today, we now face each other in a Division 2 of Guildford & Woking Alliance #derby game. Both teams are looking to continue a good winning form with 3 wins in a row. While we’re trying to climb back to the top of the table, Corinthians will aim to re-establish themselves as leaders, position lost by postponing a few games during winter period.

We hope to see a good football game this Saturday, played in the most fair-play manner and may the best team succeed.


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