, Meet our sponsors: Guildford Cars

Meet our sponsors: Guildford Cars

With the new season came a brand new partnership for our club. The club has announced that Guildford Cars will be sponsoring us for the 2019-2020 season. Now is the time to find out more about them.

Guildford Cars is the newest local taxi & private hire company, formed at the beginning of this year by Scott P. and father and son Costel and Cristian Urzica. They specialise in excellent customer service covering all short and long distance transfers in or out of the Guildford and surroundings area (GU postcode area). They take much pride in the extra care they offer the elderly, people with learning disabilities or vulnerable people.

GU Cars can accommodate both personal and corporate accounts using their varied fleet of vehicles including multi seaters and executive cars, all dispatched and tracked by their modern booking system which also provides confirmation texts and tracking. There are multiple payment methods available, including cash, all cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Amex.

Tailoring the services offered for the exact customer needs is what separates them from competition and is one of the reasons we chose Guildford Cars as sponsors. The mindset and the vision of our sponsors will always match our club’s willing to continuously improve and offer the best for the people involved.

We thank Scott, Costel and Cristian for choosing Wey Hill as their local football partners and looking forward to a successful season together.

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