, Sponsors confirmed: Car & Tyres Clinic

Sponsors confirmed: Car & Tyres Clinic

We now have less than a week to the start of the league and throughout all the pre-season madness, we’ve been working on ensuring our club’s future by confirming sponsorships for 2020-2021.

If there is a word to describe our relationship with Car & Tyres Clinic then loyalty is the one. They have been our sponsors since 2017 and helped us unconditionally which is even more important now with the current pandemic situation. All business struggle but the boys from the garage are sticking with us and will provide us with help to make sure Wey Hill FC has everything it needs to bring success home.

Car repairs services in Ash Vale, Aldershot

Independently owned by Mr. Andrei Crăciun and Mr. Mircea Pintiuță, Car & Tyres Clinic provides a various list of services for your car maintenance. You need a general check-up, an oil change, wheel alignment or engine repair? They’re your guys!

There’s been numerous times when some of us at Wey Hill FC needed vehicle maintenance and knowing there’s someone in our big family that can provide these services made life easier. It could be the usual MOT, fixing a tyre puncture or maybe even remapping your ECU or more complex repairs, Mircea and Andrei have the experience and the trip to Car & Tyres Clinic in Ash Vale will always be a success.

Thanks boys!

Check out their website here: www.carandtyresclinic.co.uk

, Sponsors confirmed: Car & Tyres Clinic

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