, Thank you Mo!

Thank you Mo!

Mo Sher, our manager, has decided to move forward and accepted the role as Head Coach for Godalming Town FC.

Actually Mo has been doing a dual role for a few months now, managing and coaching Wey Hill 2 days a week and being part of the coaching team at Godalming another 2 days week. Unfortunately for us, the moment has come when Mo was offered a better role for the G’s, increased responsibility and a better future. It’s sad but that will mean his stake at Wey Hill has dramatically taken a hit and can’t be part of the club anymore.

He remains a friend of ours and surely we’ll still see him around at games or training sessions, spying or scouting for new talents. Gonna have to put some release clauses in contracts from now on!

The news broke on Saturday for those around but the last appearance for Mo was at the Wey Trophy. The squad pulled some great performances and managed to offer the gaffer an amazing farewell gift: his first silverware!

We only hope this will get dusty and forgotten on his trophy cabinet in the following seasons next to other trophies he’ll win in his coaching & managing career.

The Wey Hill family salutes you and wishes you best of luck and a road paved with success in the years to come!

, Thank you Mo!

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