, There’s a new sheriff in town!

There’s a new sheriff in town!

Following Mo’s departure, Wey Hill was in need of a new manager. Salam Zafar stepped up and offered a quick and reliable option to the board.

Without much deliberation, Sal has been appointed as the new boss and he already conducted his first game this Saturday. Until last Monday, Sal was part of our squad as a defender. He is well known and appreciated by everyone at the club for his dedication, his passion and his leadership skills. He is now taking a different role, stepping aside from playing and focus solely to his managerial duties.

To put Sal’s Wey Hill experience in context, we only can remember his first game for our Sunday side: slide tackled everyone one the pitch, gave away a penalty, got sent off but still managed to grab the Man of The Match award by impressing the guys with his strength and dedication.

Fast forward to yesterday, his first game in charge was somehow different but he managed to transfer his energy to his players and Wey Hill secured a relatively easy win vs Guildford Park FC (4-1).

We wish Sal best of luck as the WHFC head and hope he’ll bring another piece of silverware to the trophy cabinet!

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