, We are the Wey Champions!

We are the Wey Champions!

This past Bank Holiday, Wey Hill hosted the inaugural edition of the Wey Trophy. Apart from the success the whole event we think it was, WHFC have managed to add a 2nd piece of silverware to the trophy cabinet.

We’d like to thank Burpham FC, Dacian Wolves and Woking Tigers for their participation and for the great performances we’ve seen.

Big thank you to the tournament sponsors, A&S Market – Romanian Shop, for providing a nice package for the winners!

The results

The day started with an extremely interesting game where the hosts came against a GWAFL Premiership team, Burpham FC. Wey Hill conceded early when Charlie Searle was found in the box and netted one to wake us up and start fighting for a win. Andrei Lipovanu brought us back in the game with a top corner world class goal. With minutes to spare, Tom Seed found space for himself after a cross from Marius Blejusca and netted it for 2-1.

Next came Tigers vs Wolves, a high intensity game which ended in a draw after Florin Ursuleasa equalised from a penalty. Wolves are a Sunday League side but showed no difference to an established GWAFL club.

Third game put Burpham against Tigers. Burpham dominated the game, pressed continuously but the goal only came after a penalty scored by Remy Smith. Tigers were left in 9 after 2 red cards were shown for dissent and for intentional tackle from behind. With 3 points in the bag, Burpham were back in the race.

Dacian Wolves were seen as the underdogs at the Wey Trophy but the performance they pulled against Wey Hill FC in 4th game of the day proved they need to be acknowledged and respected. Despite Andrei Lipovanu scoring first and Wey Hill dominating the first 20 minute, Wolves kept focused and followed their plan. With a very compact and disciplined game, they started to turn the tables in their favour and scored twice to win it 2-1. Goals by Andrei Tuculea.

Last game in the trophy for Burpham was a massive decider against Dacian Wolves. A win for Dacian would’ve meant they were to be crowned champions. A draw would mean more chances for Wey Hill so the only option for the Guildford side was a win. Burpham pressed looking for the opener but Dacian’s goalkeeper, Ionut Stamate, showed class, as it did throughout the day. Game became quite even towards the end, chances being missed by both sides. 0-0 was the final score which put the hosts in the pole-position for winning the 2020 Wey Trophy.

Wey Hill vs Tigers was an old affair and it showed during the game. Very physical and hot headed. Football wise, the Guildford side outplayed their Woking opponents at all levels and were leading 3-0 with at least 10-15 to spare. The win was the only option for Wey Hill and we delivered it. A successful end of the day for us!

The final standings

, We are the Wey Champions!

The awards and the mentions

The award for the WEY TROPHY MVP went to ANDREI LIPOVANU (Wey Hill FC). He scored 4 goals including a beauty in the first game. His performances helped Wey Hill adding another silverware to the cabinet.

Shout out to the goalkeepers. Ionut Stamate (Dacian Wolves) pulled some incredible saves during the day, including one from the top corner in game 2. Ollie Ballan (Wey Hill) – despite being only 16, he gave us confidence at the back and proved that he is a talent in the making. Dave Bentley (Burpham) was a key player for his team, delivering consistent performances in all 3 games and receiving his teammates’ Burpham’s Player of the Tournament.

We can’t forget to mention Andrei Tuculea from Dacian Wolves, a left footed striker/winger who caused panic every time he had the ball. He was 2nd goal-scorer of the day with 3 goals. Jamie Varney of Burpham FC, a tall and strong centre-back also had a good day at the office. Despite his team finishing 3rd, he was remarkable in defence, heading everything that went his way!

Last but most certainly not the least, we have to give a massive shout-out to our very own Tony Kroos – TOM SEED. He didn’t just played well, he scored an extremely important goal against Burpham to bring us the 3 points, he was everywhere on the pitch, constantly running and pushing everyone else to do the same. We are lucky to have you Tom, you’re an inspiration!

The winning Wey Hill squad

, We are the Wey Champions!

Ollie Ballan – only 16 but played like a very experienced goalkeeper, showing no fear and keeping us safe

Aaron Lewis – as usual, big shift from Aaron, throwing himself at every ball and making wingers wish to change sides. Finished injured which shows how much he puts in!

Florin Mazalu – this guy! He’s a rock at the back, he never loses a 1 on 1 and he also showed he can push the play up. He pushed himself to the limit and despite getting hit he got up and helped us bring the trophy home!

Matt Grainger – if there was an award for tackle of the tournament, he’d have that in his cabinet! Followed the oppo striker for half the pitch and made the PERFECT slide tackle to win the ball in our box and kept the ball too! Great duo with Florin at the back!

Salam Zafar – Where there’s a ball in the air, there’s Sal shouting his name! Puts a lot of heart in the game and doesn’t stop for a minute!

Sam Douglas – He’s only been with us for a few weeks but he worked hard to cover his duties, whether he was on the wing or having to fill in at the back!

Matt Chatfield – Speed, agility, power and consistency! That’s our Matt. He can play so many positions you could have 11 of Matt and that would be a 99 FUT team!

Adam Maltby – He sees the game like most don’t, he knew when to calm the play down or when to suddenly change sides to create a chance!

Lilian Dragut – He makes this look easy! Seems confortable on the wing or as full back and we dare any opposition to try and get past him! Excellent control to create counter-attacks on the spot!

Bogdan Dogaru – Won most of the headers and run himself out to create spaces for the wingers or the attacking mid.

Tom Seed – The engine on the pitch. He runs and runs and runs and runs..Natural leader, he does his job and more. Scored a diving header to win us a game and worked hard all day!

Catalin Pavel – Turned up just in time to help us win it! Amazing game in the midfield, running his socks off, winning all balls and creating many chances!

Marius Blejusca – He doesn’t look like but this guy was a tank today. Got stuck into tackles, won them most of the time, scored and assisted. He’s got them all!

Andrei Lipovanu – Big day for the captain. A dream come true winning a piece of silverware for the club he loves! He scored and he pushed everyone to ask for more!

Mo Sher – Last day in the office, exits with a BANG! He motivated us all to push our limits, he picked us up when we were down, encouraging and making us wanna do better. Thank you!

Big thanks to everyone who made this possible. Thank you Ventsi Bratvanov for turning up and helping despite carrying a knee injury. Thanks to the referees Erno Vajda and Andy Lungu, who conducted the game in an extraordinary manner, knowing exactly who and when to penalise.

Hope to see everyone back next year with even more teams involved! Until 2021, be #ReadyToWin .

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